Baskauskas Family ( Josephine)

I hired Veronica as a night nurse and postpartum doula following my arrival home after a c section delivery of my second child. Our contract was for one month, with an option to add an additional two weeks within the quarter.

As a single mom, it was important to me to have reliable, professional and nurturing night and morning help for me and my daughters following my c section delivery. I was looking for an experienced professional to assist with bringing the baby to me for night feedings, burping and soothing the baby after the feedings and putting the baby down for the night as my mobility was severely limited. I also needed someone who would make sure I rested and recovered and received ample food and liquids. I needed someone who would make breakfast for me and my elder child, take my dog outside if needed, be available in case of emergency.

I interviewed many night nurses and doulas, explaining my situation in detail. Most other candidates wanted to focus only on the baby. Veronica was the only one who understood my situation and was able to care for my whole family, including an aged dog. Veronica took excellent care of me, my newborn and my elder child. She was nurturing, helpful and went beyond the call of duty. In addition, she gladly shared many tricks of the trade in terms of newborn care, things that I wish I had known as a first time mom. I recommend her without hesitation

Justina B.

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