Suzanne Versijden and Frank Appeldoorn ( Elisse)

My husband and I employed Veronica Hinojosa-Stang as a postpartum doula for our newborn baby girl. We had interviewed various postpartum doulas and Veronica immediately stood out for us due to the large variety of skills she possesses, her kindness and her warmth. We were in need for someone that could help teach how to treat a newborn (breastfeeding, diapering, calming etc.) as well as support me in taking care of myself during this exciting period.

She has been wonderful – both for our baby girl and myself! She taught me how to calm a baby (the 5 S’s technique), the ins & outs of diapering, set me up with pumping (during moments of pain due to engorgement). At the same time she was also a great help in ensuring things at home were structured and taken care off (for example the baby room). A few items were still missing and she even went out to buy those for me.
All the excitement of the first week caused me back- and neck pain and Veronica has been able to relieve me of some of it through her wonderful massages. She has also taught me the skills of baby massages which our baby girl is now enjoying.
I can go on and on because there are so many wonderful services Veronica has been able to provide in a short time period. Veronica even helps in connecting me with potential nannies!

For me, Veronica can be best described as a professional, warm and caring person that goes above and beyond!

If you would like additional information about Veronica, you can call me at (347) 498- 3741.

Suzanne V.

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