The Nelson's family (Seun and Megan)

To whom it concerns,

My name is Patti  and I am happy and proud to refer or recommend you to Veronica. 

On June 11th 2012 my husband Dan &  I  brought home two wonderful bundles of joy - Sean Robert & Megan Riley.
We would have normally been completely overwhelmed with having
twins and bringing home two babies after a C section BUT we were not.
We luckily had hired Veronica as our night nurse. Veronica was
amazing with our twins. She helped me to create a schedule and make
the whole experience enjoyable. Veronica showed us how to feed both
babies at the same time so that we could get them on the same schedule.
Even more then the schedule Veronica saved our babies life - literally.

Megan our baby girl ended up to have acid reflux. She spit up in the
middle of the night and was choking on her spit up and turned blue.
Veronica stayed calm and cool and handled the situation perfectly.
She was able to clear Megan's breathing passages and calm Megan

 back to sleep. We are forever grateful we met Veronica and had her
as our night nurse. If you'd like me to elaborate or you have any
questions please contact me.

Veronica also showed us what we needed to purchase prior to bringing
the babies home from swaddle bags, swings, exercise balls, to bottles
she had us ready for action! :)

All the best,

Patti N.

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