The Weiss Family (Indiana)

My wife recently gave birth to our first child, a beautiful baby girl. Unfortunately, her pregnancy was not such a beautiful thing. My wife suffered from severe and debilitating nausea and vomiting. She was in constant pain and discomfort for the entire 9 months. Needless to say, she (and I) were exhausted by the time she was ready to give birth. As an added bonus, at the last minute, my wife required an emergency C-section. It was, of course, all worth it in the end, as we are madly in love with our daughter and wouldn't trade her for the world. Unfortunately, the rough pregnancy and delivery left both of us drained. We were so excited to spend time with our child, but were also worried about being able to get the much needed sleep my wife needed to recover now that she could finally get through an entire night without becoming severely ill.

We were extremely fortunate to have Veronica join us as we finally came home from the hospital. Veronica was extremely understanding and knowledgeable about my wife's condition, on top of her extensive baby knowledge. She was as concerned for my wife's well being and recovery as she was for our daughter. Her warm personality immediately put us at ease, and her years of experience with babies quickly became apparent as she used her magic touch to calm our baby girl and get her to sleep 3 and 4 hour stretches at a time almost immediately. She truly is a 'baby whisperer'.

I am a very private person, and was concerned about having a new person stay in our home with us, particularly when we wanted to spend as much time bonding with the baby as possible. Veronica was very sensitive to the situation and made it clear without any prompting from us whatsoever that she respects and values our privacy greatly, and would give us as much space as we wanted and needed, while still being there to help with the baby and guide us in the care for our child. Any potential concerns were soon allayed, as she quickly became like another member of the family. Instead of feeling the presence of an outsider, we genuinely enjoyed our time with Veronica, even after the baby had been put to bed. Her patient explanations and demonstrations for all things baby care related really put us at ease, as we were definitely in the 'I don't think I know what I'm doing' camp. Her confidence and teaching skills gave us the tools to care for our baby, and she made herself available 24/7 for any questions or concerns we may have, even if she wasn't with us at the time.
If we are fortunate enough to have another child, I without a doubt would love to have Veronica join us again in welcoming the baby to our new family, and making the experience as pleasant as possible for us parents as well.

Jeremy W.

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